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Courtney Darrough — Vocalist 
Courtney Darrough hails from Boston MA, where everyone in the family was musically inclined. During childhood, singing started with the church choir, then morphed into musical theater and dance throughout. Courtney played classical violin and piano during her school years, but the biggest influence on her was 70s FM radio. “Constantly tuned in, the music of artists such as Karen Carpenter, Steely Dan, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, and Elton John always streaming in the background”…
The MAJOR shift came when one day in the 1970s she heard the song “Black Dog” (Zeppelin 4) streaming from her older brother’s 3rd floor attic bedroom, and was immediately hooked and needed more. “I looked up at the ceiling and it hit me like a ton of bricks. The feeling was so compelling it was overwhelming. I had to know what it was and how to get more”. She immediately started “borrowing” all the albums she could get her hands on. Influences include Led Zeppelin, The Kinks, Cream, The Rolling Stones. 

Greg White — Drums
​"I'm a second generation California native who started drumming in 7th grade band after switching from the trumpet because it made me dizzy and my lips hurt.
 I did marching band all thru high school and then pursued my dream of becoming a rock star for a few years until reality set in and I had to get a real job.
 After a 10 year hiatus while enjoying my beautiful wife and 2 daughters, I decided to get back to doing what I enjoyed so many years before....ROCKIN'!​"  Greg

Stan Taylor — Bass
​Stan is a veteran of the Ventura County music scene. He is constantly playing and performing with musicians of all styles. Its what give him an extraordinarily tight feel and groove. Stan has been with Fallen Saints since 2021 and provides the songs with the solid and huge foundation they need. Along with Greg He combines all of his influences and experience to move the songs forward and brings it to every show. 

Robert McKinley — Guitars and Vocals
Starting his career in music in the clubs, colleges and dance concert venues of San Diego Robert is also a veteran of the Hollywood Showcase Clubs of the late 80's. Whether its soulful runs or speed flurries the song and mood always dictate the outcome. "I love playing and I love to see the audiences' reaction when we play. There's nothing like a group of people all rockin' together. I have a lot of influences but have always been a rock guitar player. It's powerful and emotional as well as controlled and chaotic. I've played in many different venues all over SoCal. From clubs to outdoor stadiums and dance/concert events​ to backyard parties, whether there are thousands or just a few everyone gets the same effort and show every time. Come check us out, you'll have a great time. So will We!!!!!!!" Robert
Fallen Saints
Fallen Saints is an original four piece hard rock band that hails from Ventura County. With backgrounds as diverse as playing in top drawing Hollywood showcase clubs to top rated rock bands in Ventura county Fallen Saints brings power, finesse, showmanship and years of musical expertise to eac and every show.

Fallen Saints prides themselves on their live shows. Fallen Saints is focused on performing and presenting an outstanding show that captivates and motivates the audience to have a great time. They continue to gain accolades as well as building a dedicated following.

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Ross Matarazzo  - Lighting / Drum Tech
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