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2015 Best Live Band Ventura County Music Awards

2016 Album of the Year Ventura County Music Awards

2016 Grand Prize Winner Ventura County Music Awards

Great Originals and the most concert like sound I've heard in So Cal! Awesome Lights and these guys brought it!

Saw them at a showcase. Un fucking believable sound and songs. Where has this band been?

Nobody needs this much gear to play gigs in the club where I saw them. The fact that the use it shows their commitment. And they use it well. If its too loud you're too old! RAWK!!!!!!!!!! 

The Drummer is a madman powerhouse locomotive! HE KILLS IT!

This band really has something special that everyone needs to get out and hear. We need to make that happen!

These guys were amazing! Great Songs performed the way the should be. They played some of my favorite songs that most bands don't even attempt. Can't wait for when the get out and play some of the local places 

Checked em out at a rehearsal. Can't wait

Courtney Rocks! 

I can't believe how solid these guys are after a month. The songs sound great, the band just gets tighter and more powerful each time I've heard them. Most guitar players I hear never come close but this guy nails it. The drummer and bass player are on it. And the singer is amazing. Feel, range, tone and what ever else gets put into it this girl fuckin rocks 

Unbelievable Set, Solid rock from start to finish. Can't wait for the next FS show!!!!!

Love the Flyers!!

Best Band i've seen in Ventura! On any night.

Love the version of Wasted Years by Iron Maiden!

Not too many bands can pull off the Cars but you guys nail it and make it your own. More Cars!!!

​Great club band. Great party band. Great band period! 

You Guys always have the best flyers.
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